Hardscape Design Build

Initial Meeting

We will meet at your home and begin to discuss a few of your ideas and budget, at this time we hope to narrow down to a few ideas. We will take measurements of the house dimensions, any significant yard features, and elevations of the property to help us develop a design.


At this stage, we will create 2D and 3D layouts and perspectives of the property to help showcase the property. We will revise these as needed and make decisions on materials to create the final plan. The final plan will be presented along with the proposal.


We will handle securing any required permits for the job at this time and will come up with a rough schedule for planned start and finish times. We use industry standard practices to ensure the longevity of any project.


After completion, we can discuss maintenance packages or go over the requirements to keep the project looking at its best. Proper maintenance will ensure the longevity of the project.

Different elements can be combined to create the optimum outdoor living space; firepits, seating walls, outdoor kitchens and water features. We try to make each landscape custom tailored to the client.


Excellent for the cool nights spent outside. It provides a central point to gather around and relax. These can be built with a kit from a manufacturer or custom made. Firepits can be wood burning or set up for natural gas or propane.

Seating Wall

Seating walls are a good addition to any patio, they are occasionally combined with a firepit or set on the perimeter of the patio.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can include both built-in and stand-alone grills. It’s important to plan for cooking and entertaining in the design of a patio to budget for the extra space needed. An outdoor kitchen can be simple or extravagant, most basic contain a grill island with some counter space for preparing food. Sinks, cabinets, wine and drink coolers can be added to increase the usability of the area.

Water Feature

Water features are excellent to provide a focal point as well as help to drown out the noise. They can include bubbling rocks that take up minimal space up to streams and koi ponds that are a major component of the project.