Natural Stone

Natural stone can be an excellent addition to any property. It can help to add a more natural tone and create a more naturalized area. Most natural stone available from PA is flagstone, bluestone, and reclaimed barn stone. Other types of stone can be imported from surrounding areas which provide a more specialized look, separating your property from others.

Natural Patio stone

Patio stone can be dimensional cut or irregular, each has its own individual look. Dimensional stone can give a sense of order and can be aligned with other elements in the landscape. Irregular stone can help to break up the order in the landscape. Some natural stone used for walkways and patios does not hold up well to salt usage, over time it will fracture and break up. If it is in a high traffic area where ice is a concern installing a heating system below the walkway may be the best solution to extend the life of the stone.

Wall stone

Natural stone walls can be built dry-stacked or mortared together. Dry stacked walls give a very natural look to the property. Mortared walls appear more man made but they are stronger due to the mortar bond holding everything together. Many different types of stone are available at local suppliers.

Veneer stone

Veneer stone is a thin stone that is mortared onto concrete block or walls. Veneer stones are available in many different color blends and textures. Some veneers are manufactured to mimic real stone, the advantage of this is they can create many color blends to match existing features on your property. The advantage of this is that the base block can be constructed to any shape to create outdoor features. Veneer stone is a common way to build many outdoor features such as firepits, outdoor kitchens, and seating walls.