Boulders can bring a natural effect to the landscape. When properly utilized they will break up the planting beds and make the beds look more like a naturalized area. Most boulders available in PA are limestone boulders. Granite and other boulders with a different look can be brought in for fountains at a higher cost.

When boulders are places in the landscape it is important that they are arranged naturally. Boulders are not spaced evenly and all in the same position in nature so it is important to avoid that order in the landscape. One other way to increase the natural look of setting boulders is to bury them partially in the soil. This is to give them a more set in an established feel. Stacking boulders can be done to create an elevated area for planters near an entranceway, or setting a boulder upright can create a backdrop for a unique plant.

Boulder Walls

Boulder walls can be constructed to hold back soil or create an elevated planting bed. They can be a good option if your house has natural stone veneer. If a house is being built from scratch there may be boulders that come from digging the foundation. These boulders can be repurposed onsite to level areas of the yard. Flat boulders can also be arranged or built into the wall to create natural steps to match the surrounding areas. Many natural stone features are built based on the material available. Small changes to the design may need to be done throughout the project based on what can be obtained.


Boulder fountains are built to create a focal point in the landscape. If you live close to an area with background noise they can help to drown it out with white noise. Fountains can be built with premade kits or built from scratch. Building one from scratch can help to add a custom integrated look to the landscape.