Landscape Design Build

Landscape design is based on size, color, and flowering season of plant material. The combination of different flowering times and foliage colors can provide year-round interest. The addition of plant material that holds fruit over winter has colored or exfoliating bark can provide winter interest in the landscape.

We take all aspects of the property into consideration when developing a planting design. A combination of different plant material can help to showcase the house from the front while secluding your living area in the backyard. Special care should be taken around swimming pools to avoid excessive flower petals or leaves falling in the pool. Also, plants around pools should be able to withstand the chlorine in the water.

Annual and perennial planting beds can provide areas focused on bringing color into the landscape. Annuals are typically pulled when they are done flowering and replaced with flowering ones. Perennials are chosen to have a variety of flowering times to alternate their interest. Bulbs can be mixed into beds as well to provide color in early spring.

We try to accommodate your budget, needs, and the site conditions when coming up with a design for your property. Foundation plantings along the house are there to soften the transition from the lawn to the house. Foundation plantings should be designed to provide year-round interest, this is done with a combination of evergreen and deciduous plants. Some planting beds in the front yard can be extravagant and can include full walkways and flower displays to create a grand entrance. Any planting design should take snow into account as well. Anything along the roadway will be subject to road salt and the forces of snow being thrown into the yard. Areas should be built into the landscape to provide adequate area to pile snow off walkways and the driveway.