Landscape maintenance can entail a large array of services such as seasonal cleanups, pruning, mulching, mowing, weed control, and color programs. We can put together a combination of the different aspects of maintenance to create a plan to keep your property in its best condition.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Seasonal cleanups can be divided into spring and fall. Spring cleanups can include removal of leaves, any necessary pruning, removal of any fallen branches, edging of beds and mulching. Fall cleanups typically include removing leaves from the property and any necessary pruning.


We typically split pruning up into Spring and Fall, we do this because some plants respond better to pruning at certain times of the year. When plants are pruned at the correct time it can reduce the chances of disease and increase flowering.


Mulching is important as it helps to retain the moisture in the soil. This can reduce the impact of dry conditions on a plant. Mulch also insulates the roots of a plant from cold weather which can cause damage and kill off branches of the plant.


Proper mowing practices involve maintaining the turf height at around 3″-3.5″ depending on weather and site conditions. Mower blades should be maintained to leave a clean and sharp cut on the turf. A dull blade can tear the turf which can lead to disease and water loss.

Weed/Pest/Disease Management

Managing pests is important because if they go unnoticed they can cause irreparable damage to a landscape. Having an ongoing plan to manage pests can help to minimize damage and keep the landscape looking beautiful.

Color Programs

We provide color programs which can help to add a new look to your property. This can include window, patio, and porch planters that have annuals which are changed out multiple times per year. We can install beds for annuals and perennials which are changed throughout the year.