Patio Construction

Patio Construction

Patios are an integral part of any backyard. They provide an area for entertainment and relaxation. Patios can be combined with seating walls, firepits, and outdoor kitchens to complete an outdoor living space. It is important to design the patio with all of its uses in mind. A patio should be designed taking into account all of the furniture and features wanted,

How patios are built

Patios are built by excavating out soil to reach solid subsoil. If the soil is muddy or unstable any amendments to the soil is done at this point. Approximately 6” of base stone is installed at this point. Depending on the size of the compactor the base stone will be compacted in layers or all at once to ensure proper compaction. Bedding sand is then spread evenly over the base. The pavers are installed on the sand and compacted into the sand. After the initial compaction polymeric sand is spread and compacted into the joints. The sand is then wet and allowed to dry. Once the sand is set the patio is ready to be used.

Installing a patio on newly built home

Special care needs to be taken when installing a patio on a newly constructed house. When a foundation is backfilled it is not always compacted to reduce stress on the newly poured walls. If a patio is built on the backfill before it has settled the patio will sink as the backfill settles.

There are a few solutions to this

  • Remove the backfill soil and refill with properly compacted stone.
  • Drill and install rebar into the foundation and pour a reinforced concrete pad.
  • Install landscaping against the foundation to shift the patio a few feet away from the foundation. This solution would still require a portion of the backfill to be fixed to create a walkway to the house.