Patio Repair

Repairing and restoring an older patio can be a low-cost solution to restore color, help to keep the patio cleaner and more appealing.

One advantage to a paver patio is that they can be repaired easily compared to a concrete slab patio. Any raised or sunken areas can be removed to adjust the bedding sand and level the patio. Any improvements that would need to be done such as re-gluing step or wall caps or add edge restraint should be done before any sealing is done.

Cleaning and sealing services

We offer cleaning and sealing services to restore old patios this is a low-cost alternative to restore some new life to your old patio. Out typical process includes;

  • Cleaning the surface.
    • The patio will be cleaned with a non-acid cleaner and if needed a soft pressure wash and stain remover to remove any ground in dirt and stains.
  • Removing any vegetation and loose sand from the joints.
    • To ensure the longevity of newly installed polymeric sand any vegetation or debris that have accumulated in the paver joints will be removed.
  • Installing new polymeric sand in the joints.
    • New polymeric sand will be installed and compacted into the joints. This is done to prevent weed growth and shifting of the pavers.
  • Sealing the patio to protect it in the future.
    • The patio will be sealed to help protect it from dirt and stains. There are many different finishes of sealers such as wet look, natural look, gloss, semi-gloss, and tinted sealers to help restore color to a faded patio.

Patios should be sealed when they are installed to ensure they are kept in their best condition. Consistent sealing can maintain and enhance the color of the pavers and should be done approximately every 2 years.